Sodium Hydroxide FCC

Sodium Hydroxide FCC
Sodium Hydroxide FCC
Product Description

Sodium Hydroxide FCC

Sodium Hydroxide FCC is available in stick, pellet and other forms. Its molar mass is 40.00 and it easily dilutes in water. It contains up to 3.0 carbonate, up to 0.0003% arsenic, maximum 0.00001% mercury and up to 0.0002% lead. Sodium Hydroxide FCC has wide applications in petroleum processing, metal smelting, paper and pulp production, rayon and dye making industries. This chemical is also used for producing analytical standard alkali. This substance is considered as integral part of chemical drilling job. Its melting point is 681 degree C and boiling point is 145 degree C.  This chemical needs to be stored at 2 degree C to 8 degree C temperature range.

Molecular weight

40. 00


white or nearly white pellets flakes, sticks, fused masses or other forms


very soluble in water, freely soluble


sodium = +ve


max. 0. 0003%

carbonate (as na2co3)

max. 3. 0

insoluble substances and organic matter

per fcc


max. 0. 0002%


max. 0. 00001%


95. 0 % - 100. 5 % of total alkali as naoh

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